With proper care, the solid hardwood furniture you purchase from Whitacre’s will provide years of service and enjoyment.

The Hardwood Manufactures Association has some tips on caring for your furniture.


• Maintain a humidity controlled environment.

     Your home should be kept in the 45-55% humidity range to prevent warping and cracking.


• Avoid direct sunlight.

     Try to keep furniture out of direct continued sunlight and away from heat sources

     such as furnace ducts, radiators and fireplaces.


• Protect your surface.

       Use coasters and trivets with non-scratching bottoms underneath glasses and serving dishes placed on tables and stands.

     Avoid the use of nail polish remover, alcohol, or other solvents near furniture. Use a soft damp cloth to remove dust.

   If needed, periodically clean furniture with a mild, non-alkaline soap and water using a soft cloth.  Dry immediately with a soft cloth.

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