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How hard are hardwoods?

Wood that comes from broadleaved trees are considered hardwoods. However, each species of hardwood has its unique physical properties including hardness. At Whitacre’s most of our furniture is made from Red Oak, ¼ Sawn White Oak, Hard Maple, Brown Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory and Elm.

To measure the degree of hardness in wood, the Hardwood Manufacturing Association has compiled a list of commercial hardwoods and their “pressure to mar” rating.

Species Pressure to Mar (in Pounds)

  • Hickory 1,820

  • Hard Maple 1,450

  • White Oak 1,360

  • Red Oak 1,290

  • Walnut 1,010

  • Brown Maple 950

  • Cherry 950

  • Elm 830

This hardness measurement should be taken into consideration as decisions are made on furniture purchases.

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